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New Changes to the Tax Code Might Affect Your Divorce Agreement
New Changes to the Tax Code Might Affect Your Divorce Agreement

Figuring out how alimony will be awarded has always been a difficult task for divorce lawyers. With the new changes to the tax code, alimony determinations will now be even more difficult for divorced couples. In the past, the trouble with determining alimony was usually ...

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  • The Impact of Infidelity on a Connecticut Divorce

    If you have been unfaithful in your marriage and are now getting a divorce , you might be wondering if your actions will have repercussions in terms ...

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  • How Depositions Can Affect Divorce

    While more divorces settle outside of court and are able to avoid litigation, the fact is that some must still go through the court system. Part of ...

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  • Will My Divorce Affect My Social Security Benefits?

    Many retired individuals are unaware that their Social Security benefits can be impacted if they change their marital status. If you are a divorced ...

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  • Dividing or Protecting Your Pension During Divorce

    The pension account you have been building throughout your working life is surely of utmost importance to you. It will help with expenses big and ...

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  • Is Shared Parental Access for You?

    Every family is different, so it is important to understand that there is no one-size-fits-all custody agreement when it comes co-parenting. That ...

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  • The Basics of Alimony Laws in Connecticut

    Alimony in CT There is nothing unusual about a marriage in which one spouse makes significantly more than the other. This only becomes of interest if ...

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  • 5 Things You Need to Do Before a Divorce

    Before a divorce , many factors must be considered. Five of the most crucial are as follows: Tie up loose ends, i.e. finalize any pending purchases or ...

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  • Why Shouldn't I Handle My Divorce on My Own?

    Many websites and books claim that you can complete a divorce on your own without the need for legal help. While it is indeed possible for a couple to ...

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  • Divorce: What is a Case Management Date?

    Are you in the process of filing for divorce, or have you been served with a divorce complaint? If so, you are likely overwhelmed with the sheer ...

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