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What Can You Do to Help Get Your Child Through a Divorce?

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Going through a divorce can be a challenging and emotional time for not only parents but also for children. As parents, it's important to prioritize your child's well-being and help them navigate this difficult transition. Here are some tangible and useful tips for helping your child cope with divorce:

Make Sure to Communicate

It's important to communicate with your child throughout the divorce process. Make sure they know they can come to you with any questions or concerns they may have. Be honest with them about what's happening, but also be mindful of their age and maturity level.

Keep a Stable and Consistent Routine

Try to maintain as much stability as possible for your child during this time. Stick to their routine as best as you can, including regular mealtimes, bedtimes, and extracurricular activities. This can help provide a sense of normalcy and security for your child.

Don't Say Negative Comments

It's important to avoid negative talk about your ex-spouse in front of your child. This can be confusing and upsetting for them. Instead, focus on positive communication and co-parenting with your ex-spouse.

Get Professional Help

If you feel that your child is struggling to cope with the divorce, consider seeking professional help. A therapist or counselor can provide your child with the tools and support they need to navigate this difficult time.

Don't Forget to Take Care of Yourself

Remember to take care of yourself during this time as well. This can help you be a better parent and provide the support your child needs. Consider seeking support from friends, family, or a therapist.

If you need additional support or guidance during the divorce process, consider reaching out to Goldblatt, Marquette & Rashba, PC. Our experienced family law attorneys can provide you with the legal guidance and support you need to protect your rights and your child's well-being. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.