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  • A Team to Trust

    “After dismissing a different lawyer who wasn't addressing my needs, I turned to the law office of Goldblatt, Marquette & Rashba. It was the best decision I made! I met with Attorney Robert Sheehan and instantly knew that I would be fairly represented. Attorney Sheehan helped me with two different matters and was always accessible to take my phone calls--even on the weekends and during his vacation! Attorney Sheehan was meticulous following up with all parties involved in my cases and I couldn't be happier with the outcome that was achieved. I would highly recommend Attorney Sheehan to anyone who needs representation.”

    Edis Valentic

  • Great company!

    “Robert Sheehan was the best attorney I could hope for. He really went above and beyond to help!”


  • Outstanding Legal Support

    “Attorney Rob Sheehan was integral in helping me navigate through a VERY tenuous divorce and child custody proceeding. He has extensive knowledge in all of the aspects that impacted my case and always offered an even-keeled consultative lens when I had questions….which was often. Rob was very accessible during the 12+ month process and I felt that he had my back the entire way, including helping to manage VERY erratic opposing counsel. I wouldn’t hesitate to use him again and would highly recommend him to anyone in a similar situation.”


  • Great Communication

    “Attorney Marquette was was very responsive and comforting in a difficult time for me. The representation during my family matter was excellent. They even followed up with me to see how we where doing after the litigation was settled. Wow!”


  • great

    “Hiring Robert Sheehan to defend me was the right choice at a very difficult time. He helped me understand the legal process in regards to how it would affect myself and my daughter. I would definitely go back to Robert in the future if needed and highly recommend him to anyone. Hes a hard worker with tons of knowledge and energy.”


  • Attorney Marquette is a highly skilled trial attorney!gives Honest Wise advice

    “Mr. Marquette has provided solid legal advice to me on several occasions. In addition, I observed him try a very complicated felony case in the Hartford Superior Court. He is a highly trial attorney with excellent abilities. I recommend him to anyone with complicated legal problems.”

    Dr. N. Awad

  • Outstanding Representation

    “Robert was excellent throughout the whole divorce process- i was impressed with his knowledge in all aspects from child custody to QDRO - i would recommend”

    jason g

  • Outstanding Attorney

    “Attorney Sheehan, I just want to say Thank you for your guidance while helping me through the divorce process. You really made things go easier than I had anticipated and your thoughtful guidance was truly appreciated. You were always available when I needed him. You are truly an amazing attorney. I also want to say thank you to Keith for his help.”

    Camie Lettieri

  • Outstanding group!

    “Attorney Robert Sheehan is a very responsible and excellent attorney. Saved my life accepting to take my case as an emergency, always responsive when I need him and patiently explained all the process of my divorce matters. Highly recommend his services!”

    Luciane Duarte

  • Thank you Attorney Richard Marquette; I was born again.

    “I just want to say thank you for all the support and guidance you gave me all through the 2 years process with my case. You fought for me. You used all possible things to get me out of jail in no time. Thanks to you I have my kids and I have my freedom. You gave me my life back. Attorney Marquette, you are more than an attorney you played the roll of my counselor, my psychiatrist, my friend. I don't have words to describe how grateful am I that I had you representing me; I always felt confident when I was in front of the judge because of you. Thank you for everything. God bless you!!!”

    Selena Mena

  • Great Knowledgeable Firm!

    “Attorney Sheehan is great! He took on my 8 yr old child custody case and helped with ensuring that I was not being taken advantage of with full rights I deserve as a Father. He's knowledgeable and shows that he cares about his clients. We highly recommend his services!”

    Carlos Rivera

  • Very strong and reliable professionals. Highly recommend.

    “If you read this you might caught yourself in the same situation, which I had a year ago: very contentious and nasty divorce including the criminal protection order and arrest based on false allegations, overwhelming financial claims and the worst thing - separation from child. Luckily, Thomas Piscatelli knows how to manage all these things. The protective order was nolled on the very first hearings. The financial claims were halved. I started to see my child without supervision after just three months (in average it takes 8-12 months) and seeing him now on regular basis. Tom tailors his approach to individual situations. I switched to Tom from another experienced attorney. Tom lured me with his professionalism and aggressive approach - exactly what you need in a courtroom and out. Yet, his approach is well-balanced and he works on the best outcome for you using all possible means - from reconciliation attempts to fierce negotiations. What helps a lot - he worked as a court stuff and he knows the way of how different courts work and how judges think. Invaluable features: he knows good experts and GALs. He is a GAL himself. The most important: he knows methods that will help you see your child immediately, even if separated, and he is very wise and smart on financial side of divorce. You will appreciate it very much afterwards. On attorney fees this office is very fair and decent. If you think different, try to call other firms and you will see. Don't forget that you get Family and Criminal lawyers in one firm, and speaking about Tom - in one person. Well, last but not the least: you should help your attorney as much as possible and educate yourself about your situation. Together you will succeed.”


  • I truly recommend his services and his professionalism.

    “Attorney Sheehan is an awesome lawyer. I hired an attorney who I will not mention out of respect. She was very unprofessional and during the process she was laughing and carrying on with the opposite parties lawyer. I felt it was very direspectful and disloyal to me the client. I fired her and I researched on a good lawyer and I was recommended through Attorney Sheehans friend, Dominic out of Stratford, CT. Attorney Sheehan is a no-nonsense lawyer, very professional and he fights for his clients. Especially for the rights of men. I felt confident that he was going to do all to help me through a divorce and make the process easy. All I could say is Attorney Sheehan fights for the rights of men when the state of Connecticut leans more towards women. Thank you Attorney Sheehan for fighting for my rights and making this painful transition a breeze. I truly recommend his services and his professionalism. Thank you Attorney Sheehan”


  • Great Law Firm

    “I have worked with Attorney Sheehan after dismissing my first lawyer due to not meeting my needs. Attorney Sheehan is always there for his clients he checks in periodically and updates his clients when there is anything new occurring. He responds in a timely manner and really listens to what his clients want. He makes court dates as smooth as he possibly could with informing you of everything you need to know prior to your court date.”


  • Dependable, professional advice and representation.

    “Over the past 15 years my domestic legal issues have been calmed by the staff of knowledgeable attorneys and legal administrators at Goldblatt Marquette and Rashba P.C. Having been represented on 5 separate occasions the legal issues involved with divorce have been resolved in a fair and dignified way. My recent representation involved retirement benefit division, which was researched and tactfully negotiated by Attorney Robert Sheehan. His understanding of court procedures significantly reduced the time spent in legal proceedings. I am thoroughly satisfied with the outcome of the many legal issues this elegant firm has resolved for me and I recommend them without reservation.”

    Owen Y. Davis

  • " I Would highly recommend Tom. "

    “Tom did a great job with the handling of my divorce and other legal matters. He was easy to contact and very knowledgeable. I had a rough divorce because of my ex wife, but because of Tom's knowledge, understanding and guidance, I was able to get get a good deal regarding my legal matters. I would highly recommend Tom.”


  • Excellent Representaion!

    “I was unfortunately blindsided by a divorce I didn't expect, complicated by false allegations of abuse, and all the usual financial matters that often times needlessly complicate things. I began my search for an attorney by searching for firms that specialize in handling the men's side of the issue. GMR was at the top of the list. I met with Atty Robert Sheehan, who accommodated my work schedule after hours, and was impressed with his common sense approach. Aggressive, without being abrasive. Robert allowed me to work "side-by-side" with him on many issues, as I had very specific ways in which I wanted things handled. My now ex-wife had retained a very abrasive and difficult attorney, and Robert never backed down, while never becoming abrasive himself, which was important to me. The most impressive thing of all is that he RESPONDED when I needed him to, usually by email. I can't stress enough how important this was to me during this very difficult time. I was pleased with the positive outcome Robert achieved for me, and would recommend his services to anyone stuck facing this unfortunate situation.”

    Andy Porcu

  • Great experience

    “I worked with attorney Robert Sheehan and had an excellent experience. He was 100% in support of me through my divorce. Everything was very smooth with excellent communication on his side. He also represents himself very well in court and under stressful situations. Thank you Robert Sheehan for your help! I recommend him to any and everyone”

    Nicholas Zinn

  • I am so glad I chose this law firm!

    “This law firm made what I’ve heard to be a difficult process seem to go by so quickly and easily .”

    Joseph Bauer

  • "More knowledgeable than other attorneys"

    “I hired Robert Sheehan second and wish I had hired him first. He is a quick study, knows more than other lawyers about case law, quickly filed motions to compel that should have been filed months earlier. He is also a kind young man. Highly recommended!”


  • Helping navigate the treacherous waters of divorce.

    “Going through a tough scenario like divorce is not easy, and as the husband, it sometimes is down right scary. I was fortunate to work with Attorney Sheehan and the whole process was explained with patience and an understanding that made it bearable. The entires law offices is responsive and I am glad I selected the firm.”

    Jan J.

  • Outstanding and exceptional divorce lawyer: Attorney Robert Sheehan

    “Attorney Robert Sheehan is The lawyer I wish everyone to have for their divorce matters. I was fortunate to have found him and he handled my very difficult divorce with class, calm, patience, effectiveness. He got the job done beyond all my hope and expectations. He went above and beyond and got me everything I was hoping for but amazingly he prepared so well that I got things that I was not even expecting to have. You want an attorney who takes the time to listen to you and represents you like you are his only case. Attorney Robert Shehan is extremely patient, always available on the phone/email/ person and respond to my queries promptly. Above all he is a great human being who genuinely cares for his clients. He is very wise, honest and compassionate. The entire team at Goldblatt, Marquette & Rashba is exceptional, From Judy the paralegal who was the first person I met when I got to their office, I felt like I was with a family member while talking to her, she was comforting and very professional. And Keith. I am so grateful to Their commitment to my case. Thank you so much! God bless you! Look no further this is the firm you need and request attorney Robert Sheehan. Meet with him and you will understand why I wrote this review. I highly recommend him.”


  • Professional attorneys that give extra effort

    “I count myself as lucky to have retained GMR's attorneys. I hired them a few years after a contentious divorce. My ex-wife's attorney claimed that I owed several thousands of dollars in spousal support arrearage. I gave my unorganized box of receipts to Tom Piscatelli. He sorted through it, created spreadsheets and logs that proved my ex-wife to be wrong. Her attorney withdrew her nuisance suit. He also reviewed a labor dispute for me, at no cost, and gave me helpful advice. A couple of years later, Child Support Services claimed that I was in arrears and would not return my calls. Rob Sheehan proved in court that I was actually AHEAD in support by a month. The Magistrate and the Support Services agent apologized for wasting our time and noted that I was a dutiful parent. How often do you see a judge or Child Support admit that they were wrong? Later I had custody/ guardianship contention for my disabled son against my ex-wife. Rob represented my interests in Probate court to make sure we received a fair hearing. He compiled my son's school/ medical records, presented the best legal argument on my behalf and showed my ex-wife's inadequacies if she were named sole guardian. He was my voice and made sure I was heard. After all these cases, the bill could have been small fortune. Happily Judy Castater, the Office Manager, worked with me to create an affordable payment plan that made sense for my family's budget. And when I had to defer a month due to lost work time for a surgery, she worked with me again, no pressure. If you need strong and affordable legal representation that gets results, I highly recommend GMR's professional attorneys and staff!”

    Cory Rogers

  • Attorney Marquette gives Honest Wise advice

    “For decades, I have sought counsel from Attorney Marquette for personal and business matters. Life and business can get complicated. So when you need trusted advice for legal matters, call Attorney Marquette. I highly recommend him and and value his honest and wise advice. You will also!”

    J. Barletta III