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An Overview of Reunification Therapy

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When a parent wishes to reunite with their child after an extended period of absence, reunification therapy is usually recommended to help mend the relationship and foster healthy growth. The reasons behind these separations can vary, including neglectful behavior, alienation, a child’s preference of one parent over another following a divorce, or a parent’s incarceration. This specialized family counseling can be court ordered or recommended by a family attorney. Reunification therapy can be an invaluable tool to help a parent and child rebuild their relationship, as a lengthy separation can potentially lead to resentment and tension.

The Reunification Process

There are several steps involved with this type of counseling, including:

  • Assessment
  • Commitment
  • Integration

Usually, a therapist will meet with the returning parent and the child separately before beginning the reunification process. This is to identify any barriers that may exist and determine if therapeutic efforts would be effective in repairing the damaged relationship. Once a plan has been put in place, the therapist will help the parent and child address any issues of blame that may exist between them. Visitation may begin once a level of stability has been achieved to the therapist’s satisfaction.

Therapist-administered visitation can take several forms, including:

  • Letters/cards
  • Phone calls
  • Supervised visits
  • Unsupervised visitation

It is important to note that visitation will vary depending on the recommendations of the therapist and the unique circumstances of each situation. In cases where abuse or neglect are present, contact may be limited to only written letters and cards until the child turns 18. The length of this process will also vary, and the therapist reserves the right to terminate these efforts at any time if it is deemed harmful to the child’s development.

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