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What to Expect While Going Through a Divorce

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Despite how commonly occurring it seems to be, no one realistically plans for a divorce. Even if you are the one who files for it, odds are high that you won’t really know what to expect during the legal process of dissolving your marriage. No one brings it up when you are married, and the media portrays falsified versions of the entire procedure, so the truth behind matters can be hard to find.

To help clear up some common questions and concerns regarding what to expect during divorce, our Hamden divorce attorneys at Goldblatt, Marquette & Rashba, PC have compiled this helpful list. If you have additional questions about the information provided, or if you have a concern that is not included here, please feel free to call 203.687.4050 to get into contact with our team.

  1. Contests: It is incredibly rare to hear of a divorce that goes through without a single speedbump or disagreement. Truly, it is essentially unheard of. Even if you and your spouse agree to use mediation to avoid court and arguments, you should expect to be at least one point of contention. It could be what to do with your shared debt or who gets to keep all the new appliances you got at the wedding party. The simplest things can lead to disagreements, and you should be ready to handle them civilly but also without losing sight of your own best interests.
  2. Standard of living: Whether you are keeping most of what you own, your soon-to-be ex grabs the majority, or if everything is split 50-50, you are going to notice the change to your daily life. The important thing is to be prepared for the changes ahead of time, for better or for worse.
  3. Time spent: Just about everyone going through a divorce is going to tell you that they feel like they lost years of their lives with someone, or wasted time that could’ve been spent otherwise. Realize upfront that no one can predict the outcome of a marriage, and that you have learned one way or another from this experience. Keeping your head clear can really help you focus on the legalities behind the proceedings.
  4. Children: If you and your spouse share any children together, you absolutely need to expect them to feel confused, lost, and sometimes personally attacked by your divorce. It is not uncommon for a child to think the blame falls on them. As difficult as it may be, you should consider partnering up one last time with your spouse to speak to your children together about the changes that are on the way.

No two divorces are the same, just as the people involved in each case are unique. It is unreasonable to expect that you will be able to foresee every consequence of your divorce. The best way to prepare, though, might be to ensure that no legal issues blindside you and add more stress to an already tense situation. By working with a professional New Haven divorce lawyer from our firm, we can support you from start to finish and keep as much weight off your shoulders as possible.

Ready to start handling your divorce? The first step should be to request a case evaluation with us.