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AV Rated PreeminentWhile custody orders in Connecticut are based on the best interests of the child, many parents who go without legal representation are often unhappy with the final outcome. Your rights matter and shouldn’t be disregarded by an indifferent judge. At GMR, our main priority is securing favorable results on your behalf.

We have represented hundreds of individuals and families going through similar events. Our experience in custody matters is unparalleled and could be the advantage your case needs. Protect your relationship with your child – contact a Hamden child custody attorney from our award-winning firm.

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How Is Custody Awarded in Connecticut?

There are two forms of child custody: legal and physical. Legal refers to the parents’ ability to make decisions for their child, while physical determines which parent the child lives with. A court can award joint or sole custody based on the circumstances.

The court considers the following factors before awarding custody:

  • The stability of each parent’s home
  • The child’s relationship with both parents
  • Need of the child
  • Each parent’s ability to be involved in the child’s life
  • The parents’ wishes for custody
  • The financial resources of each parent

If one parent is given more significant custody rights, the other parent will typically receive visitation rights. This means that they are allowed to visit the child on specific days and for predetermined amounts of time. Because family dynamics are always changing, custody orders can be modified under the supervision and discretion of the court.

Are your rights protected?

You can never be too prepared when a custody decision is at hand. The last thing you want is to lose the precious connection you and your child share. With Goldblatt, Marquette & Rashba, P.C. on your side, you can have confidence in what the future holds. We take an aggressive stand for our clients and never stop fighting for what they deserve.

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