Is There a Restraining Order Against You?

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While restraining orders were established with good intentions, they often stray from well-meaning intentions. Today, restraining orders are often abused and negatively impact the lives of many families throughout Connecticut. If you were recently served with a restraining order, you cannot afford to sit back and do nothing. Your freedoms may depend on swift and determined legal action.

At Goldblatt, Marquette & Rashba, P.C., we know that men are often the targets of restraining orders based on false allegations. Our goal is to disprove the accusations against you and achieve the outcome you desire. We were voted the best law firm in New Haven and believe it is due to the dedicated efforts of our family law attorneys.

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How Can I Defend Myself Against a Restraining Order?

The ramifications of a restraining order are serious, often prohibiting the alleged abuser from seeing their children, owning firearms, and living in the family home. However, you do have rights which allow you to challenge the accusations against you and defend your innocence. It is imperative that you retain an attorney the moment you are served with a notice of the restraining order.

Your attorney can help you build your case by:

  • Gathering physical evidence related to any incidents mentioned in the restraining order
  • Assembling documents or records that verify your whereabouts, such as emails and GPS records
  • Making a list of possible witnesses who have information about the alleged incidents

Domestic violence accusations often turn into “he said, she said,” and this tends to work against the person being accused. The more evidence you have, the better your chances of defending yourself in a courtroom. This is why you need GMR Law Firm.

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Restraining order applications which are granted by a Judge can permanently tarnish the accused’s reputation and are difficult to ever fully recover from, but there is hope. We refuse to let you go down without a fight and are known for building strong cases that stand up well in the courtroom. With so much on the line, you deserve a legal team as concerned about your best interests as you are – you deserve the family law attorneys at GMR Law Firm.

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