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Making the decision to get a divorce is never easy and the process of actually filing can be even more complicated. From child custody to spousal support, there is a lot to consider. Fortunately, you can breathe easy when you retain a high-caliber firm like ours. As Hamden divorce lawyers, we are known for providing each client with exceptional legal assistance all while working hard to achieve a favorable resolution.

As Hamden divorce lawyers who have handled hundreds of cases, we are intimately acquainted with the legal system in Connecticut. We can use this knowledge to drive your divorce toward a satisfactory outcome. The life you’ve always wanted begins at Goldblatt, Marquette & Rashba, P.C.

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Understanding the Divorce Process in Connecticut

In order to file for divorce, one spouse must have lived in Connecticut for the past 12 months. Connecticut is a no-fault divorce state, which means that simply claiming that the marriage has irretrievably broken down can be enough to file. Fault grounds include adultery, willful desertion, and intolerable cruelty. Our divorce lawyers in New Haven, CT can help you with this process, from beginning to end.

From the time that divorce papers are served to when the divorce is granted, the entire process can take a minimum of four months. Depending on the issues at stake, things may take much longer. The most common issues that must be resolved in a divorce include:

In Connecticut, there are alternatives to divorce court. Couples may pursue arbitration or mediation if they wish to resolve things outside of court. If you want to pursue one of these alternate methods, then please contact our firm to find out which option is best for you. We are able to provide mediation/arbitration services in addition to divorce representation. At the end of the day, it comes down to what is best for you and your family; we will help you navigate through whatever process right for you.

We are prepared to stand by your side throughout your divorce, no matter how long it may take. As a team committed to your best interests, you can have confidence in the representation we provide. Our divorce attorneys serve both Hamden and New Haven, CT.

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