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Our Connecticut Theft Attorneys and Larceny Attorneys Will Advocate For Your Rights

Our CT theft attorneys and larceny attorneys can help if you've been charged with Theft / Larceny charges in CT it's important to understand your rights. Our Larceny attorneys will sit down make sure you understand your charges. That being said it's good to go into your consultation armed with a little bit of knowledge about Larceny.

Theft / Larceny occurs when a individual deprives another of their property. Contact a larceny attorney to get a consultation, help understand your charges and advocate on your behalf to reduce your sentence.

Types of Larceny in Connecticut Law

Although the basics of Theft / Larceny are the same (wrongfully obtaining an others property, in CT larceny is broken down into a few types:

  • Embezzlement, Obtaining property by false pretenses, Obtaining property by false promise, Acquiring property lost mislaid or delivered by mistake, Extortion, Defrauding of public community, Theft of services, Receiving stolen property, Shoplifting, Conversion of a motor vehicle, Obtaining property through fraudulent use of an automated teller machine, Library theft, Conversion of leased property, Failure to pay prevailing rate of wages, Theft of utility service, Theft of motor fuel


Connecticut Larcney Attorney in Connecticut

Our Connecticut larcney attorneys help CT clients with larcney charegs everday. No matter what type of larcney charge you have been accused of our law firm has the expereince necessary to help you with your criminal charge.

Don't represent yourself in your theft or larceny charges in Connecticut, it's not worth the risk. Call today 203.288.6293 or Request a Free Quote or Consultation with our CT criminal defense in attorneys.

Reduced Charges

We may be able to help reduce your theft or larceny charges.

It's not the same thing

Theft and Larceny are not the same thing and not all charges are equal.